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Admission Rules

  1. The school opens admission in the month of April every year through registration in the month of March.

  2. Registration & Admission forms are available at the school counter on payment of Rs. 300 only.

  3. Registration does not mean guarantee of admission. Admission is granted after entrance test and a personal interview with the child.

  4. If a child is found eligible for admission, the school makes a provisional offer of admission which should be accepted within two days.

  5. The guardian must deposit the admission form, required fee and previous school leaving certificate or certificate regarding date of birth in case of first admission of the child. Admissions confirmed after fulfilling the above conditions.

  6. If the parent/guardian decides not to send his ward to the school after the fee has be deposited, the above deposited fee will not be refunded in any case.

  7. Problematic students who do not improve after two warnings are rusticated and no readmission is accorded in any case.

  8. School is not responsible for any physical loss to the student during playing, excursion, studying or caused due to negligence of the student. Although proper care and measures are taken by the school.                                                                                                                               

Rules for School Bus Commuters

  1. The buses will pick up the students from the (allotted) bus stops and drop them after the school hours at the stops.

  2. The buses will not wait for the late comers. The commuters are expected to be at their stops 10 minutes before the scheduled time.

  3. The children should stay peacefully and away from the main road till the bus arrives.

  4. Students will be held responsible fro any damage caused to the bus due to their negligence.

  5. Students availing bus facility will deposit their bus charges in advance along with other school charges and fee.

  6. Bus charges are to be paid for one calendar year of the session (12 Months) along with school fee.

  7. Students can not withdraw their names from the bus facility in the month of May, February & March.

  8. If a student after discontinuing this facility wants to reenroll it after some time during the same academic year, he will have to make payment for the gap period.

  9. If a student wants to discontinue the bus facility, he will have to deposit one month extra charge.

  10. Parents are requested to refrain from breaking into any argument with any staff on bus route. In case of any grievance regarding bus service or behaviour of any staff should be made to the transport in charge.


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